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About Us

Our Mission

Global Girls Scholarship Foundation (GGSF) is dedicated to educating underprivileged girls in developing countries by providing them with scholarships and other academic related resources needed for success.

Our Philosophy

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, GGSF is a strong believer in what  Secretary General of United Nations, Kofi Annan once said "To educate girls is to reduce poverty". We believe, it is our moral duty to educate every child in order to create a leveled playing field.

Girls’ education strengthens economies and reduces inequality. Investing in girls’ education transforms communities, countries and the entire world. Girls who receive an education are less likely to marry young and more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. They earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them, and build better futures for themselves and their families. It contributes to more stable, resilient societies that give all individuals – not just one gender– the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

We know very well that women’s empowerment is essential for economic development, growth, and poverty reduction not only because of the income it generates, but also because it helps to break the vicious cycle of poverty. For developing countries in particular, women represent a previously untapped source of human capital, and countries that have adopted aggressive policies to promote gender equality in education can be expected to reap higher social and economic benefits. 


Providing education to underprivileged girls in developing countries is one of the most important methods to bring them and their families out of poverty.  Education and training will enable these young women to get jobs, earn income, care for their families, participate in their communities and local economies, and ultimately change the world. But we've found that girls from impoverished families in low and middle income countries often drop out of the educational system due to lack of financial resources required for schooling. Having grown up in one of the underdeveloped areas in India as well as from learnings through travels in Africa and other developing countries, the GGSF chairman and president have first hand knowledge of the urgent and pressing need to help educate poor girls in developing countries. We believe that those of us fortunate enough to be resourceful in this world can give back to society by awarding scholarships to economically disadvantaged but bright girls for study. 

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Support UNGEI

Global Girls Scholarship Foundation (GGSF) Supports United Nations Girls Education Initiative.Girls' education plays a large part in global development

Girls are an important resource for global development, but those living in developing countries do not reach their full potential because they do not receive a proper education.


Presently, girls are under-represented in school enrollment and attendance in developing countries. The reasons that girls are kept away from school are varied. 


Poverty is a major contributor. If a family has limited funds and has to be selective on whom to send to school, more often than not, it is going to be the boys. 

The global community has taken action against the disparity of girls’ education, with the establishment of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) which was launched by the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to assist developing countries in fulfilling their dedication toward providing universal education and promoting gender equality.  

The benefits of providing girls with education can be seen beyond personal welfare and development and well beyond their childhood. An educated mother is more likely to have educated children which will help ensure that universal education and gender equality will continue on through the generations.

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