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Scholarship Criteria

GGSF scholarship and educational assistance to cover annual tuition, board, books etc. will be provided to underprivileged girls from developing countries starting with India, who meet each of the following 3 criteria.

1. Educational criteria:

Must be registered at a recognized school or college at grade level 5th through bachelors/ professional degree program or preparing to appear for a competitive examination. Preference will be given to applicants in class / grade levels 11th to 12th as well as those studying in reputed government medical and engineering colleges


Student academic progress will be monitored on a continuous basis by GGSF and management has the right to withdraw any support due to lack of performance by the student

2. Merit criteria:

Must have achieved a minimum of 80% marks or a GPA of 3.0 and be in top 20% in their previous two classes/grades (two years proof of achievement/marksheet needed). Girls who have secured admission to government (public sector) medical or engineering college through competition are also eligible. All GGSF scholars must maintain this minimum marks (80%)/GPA (3.0) requirement throughout the support period

3. Income level criteria:

Must have annual family income less than US Dollar 5,000 at the current exchange rate (proof of income level needed). The candidate must not be receiving any educational financial assistance or scholarship from other sources

A small number of applicants, who pass above criteria, will be selected based on their merit ranking and potential for success as judged by documentation and interviews. The selection will be made on an annual basis before the start of the school/coaching year.


Parents and institutions may put forward applications on behalf of their eligible children/students. Tuition fee payment could be made directly to schools/institutions.